Sabre Media Solutions Are you ready to increase yield and revenue?

What if you could sell to the people who buy travel every day and in the process grow your revenues? With Sabre Media you can reach the most powerful travel audience in the world –over 425,000 travel agents who buy travel every day and have a stake in creating quality travel experiences.

Our team will work with you to assess which opportunities will meet your unique needs and then build and launch measurable, targeted and creative marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Stay top of mind with agents while they are in the shopping process for their clients with one of our media offerings:

Sabre Sign-In Advertising (all travel providers)

Homepage advertising connects you with over 425,000 Sabre Connected travel agents as they sign-in to Sabre an average of three times each day.

Sabre Hotel Spotlight (hotels only)

Get to the top of the list in the Sabre Travel Marketplace hotel display and outperform your competition since agents book top-displayed hotels 67% of the time.

Sabre Weekend Spotlight (hotels only)

An extension of Sabre Hotel Spotlight, Weekend Spotlight gives you additional opportunity to Thursday-Sunday bookings and revenue.

Sabre PromoSpots (all travel providers)

This targeted marketing tool gets your message in front of buyers at the point of decision. When Sabre ConnectedSM agents are shopping and booking travel, PromoSpots relevant to the transaction will be delivered to their screen.

Email Marketing (all travel providers)

Exclusive or featured content is delivered right to the inbox of 35,000 travel agents twice a week.

Sabre Custom Offers (hotels only)

Present targeted offers during the shopping process by leveraging details about the traveler (from your hotel CRM system) in conjunction with Sabre shopping data.

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