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The travel industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. As consumers enjoy more choices than ever, demand and complexity rapidly rise, creating an opportunity for distributors to act boldly. As we broaden the definition of “lodging” for a new era, suppliers need to enable personalization and automation to gain the competitive edge. It’s no longer just about the room, either – travelers expect amenities, loyalty points and more simplicity in their booking process.

We can help you make your offerings clear and distinct. As the world’s travel technology leader, we have the experience, resources and vision to help you stand out. With our upcoming Content Services for Lodging that prioritizes customer experience and optimizes inventory, Sabre is reimagining lodging.

How we can help you add value

Rest Easy With Rest Assured
With the Hotel Rate Assured hotel certification program, you can show your commitment to your customers. The program assures Sabre ConnectedSM agents that they are receiving the same publicly available rates inside the GDS that can be found on travel websites. This helps establish a strong partnership between all parties. By giving agencies access to all the content they need, you can generate more hotel bookings in this efficient, high-yield channel.

Stay Ahead And Direct
Sabre® Direct Connect (DCX) uses XML technology to provide connectivity to the Sabre GDS. Hoteliers will benefit from the new XML formatted data, replacing EDIFACT messaging formats. DCX ensures travel agencies have accurate rates, instant updates of hotel availability and a simplified shopping process. It also enables hotel marketers to have optimal control over their inventory.

The Total Picture
Our Hotel Total Pricing feature delivers a complete picture of all room costs, including taxes and fees. Participating suppliers can be confident that agents and travelers have an accurate picture of all room costs, improving customer service and user experience.

Access The Rates
Hoteliers can give agents the confidence their rate response matches their availability request with the Rate Access Code enhancement. This results in faster and more accurate rate identification, rate-specific hotel booking reports and more information available for troubleshooting/customer support.

Optimized GDS
Improve your reach with our account teams, who will work with you to ensure your brand follows best practices to optimize GDS visibility. This includes recommended property naming conventions, photos, commission data in the PNR, and more.

Market Better
The Sabre Media portfolio allows you to build and execute measurable and targeted marketing campaigns, giving you different opportunities to highlight your properties and special offerings to travel agents. Get your message in front of agents in the Sabre Red Workspace at key points in the travel buying cycle. To learn more, email

To discuss participation options or for additional information on a product, contact us.

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