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Sabre Air

Regional Sales Contacts

North America
Scott Dennett

Latin America
Pablo Tardio
Alex Murillo

Western Europe
Lindsay Millward

Eastern Europe, Russia & Africa
Soroya Nosworthy

Middle East, Spain & Italy
Vincenzo Terzulli

Southeast Asia & India
Hoong Mau Ho

Jingdong Yang

North Asia
Lionel Looi

Operational Support

Rowena Thapar
Edith Kruckmann

Europe, Middle East & Africa
Jami Shackelford
Mauro Ottavianelli

Asia Pacific
Vanis Selvaraj

Air Support

Please visit the Sabre® Community Portal or contact the support help desk.

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Martin Danzl


Ben Mussler
+1 682 605 6599


Martin Danzl
+1 682 605 4646

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