Sabre Car

The rise of the sharing economy. Higher demand for green vehicles. Driverless cars. We all know the ground transportation industry is changing.

That’s why it’s crucial to find a partner with extensive experience and a clear vision. As the travel industry shifts its focus to meet new demand, opportunities for car distribution arise also. We believe in taking advantage of every shift – making sure to maximize reach and differentiators for our clients. Rather than get left behind, they can lead the pack.

With over 40,000 pick-up locations and 40 car rental brands, we’re equipped to handle every twist and turn along your ride to competitive differentiation. Our seamless, end-to-end system offers personalization, automation and guarantees unparalleled in the industry. As your experienced and agile partner, we help you sharpen your edge.

How we can help you add value

Extras For The Road
We allow suppliers to deliver personalization, giving drivers exactly what they need for the road ahead. Sabre is the only GDS offering confirmed car “extras” – providing the traveler complete transparency about the total cost before they arrive to pick up their vehicle.

Pay When You Want
Travelers appreciate having the option to pay in advance if they want, or when they pick up the car. We allow suppliers to offer guaranteed prepaid rates, which saves travel agents from having to navigate between multiple websites to find all available prices. Prepaid rates appeal to cost-conscious leisure travelers – as a discount is sometimes offered – and can drive revenue and loyalty.

Rate Assured
Ensure travel agents are getting your best available rates with Car Rate AssuredTM. Agents can book confidently knowing they’re offering the traveler the best available rate. Suppliers who have implemented Car Rate Assured have seen up to a 10 percent increase in Sabre bookings year over year.

Optimized Commission
Agents can quickly see which suppliers and rates offer the best commissions. Information is shown during shopping for easy comparison and is stored in the segment for agency operations and back office processing. Our Visual Content Management Platform (VCMP) allows you a choice of provider to supply images into Sabre distribution channels.

To discuss participation options or for additional information on a product, contact us.

Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.