Travel Management Companies

In today’s competitive business travel industry, every opportunity has to be maximized.

To deliver for corporate customers, travel management companies need to meet the soaring demands of cost-conscious decision makers and experienced business travelers with agility, convenience and reliability.

As the world leader in business travel technology, we help you deliver more value at each stage of the journey. We offer the most cost-effective and omnichannel solutions to manage travel programs and increase compliance.

With our comprehensive content and flexible platform, we help you integrate the right suppliers and technology providers to meet all your customers’ needs. We provide you with leading traveler service solutions, or help you shape your own, allowing the always-connected business travelers to stay in control of their trip and corporations to manage travel risk.

We want you to make the most of every booking with our revenue optimization suite. And with our end-to-end solutions, we help you gain workflow efficiencies, so you can operate at scale and focus on one thing: taking travel further.

Our focus is helping you gain a competitive advantage. Let us help sharpen your edge.

How we can help add value along every step of the business traveler journey:


  • Offer seamless omnichannel customer experience all the way – offline, online and mobile
  • Offline: Equip your consultants with smart, intuitive workflows to manage complex demands
  • Online: Provide leading consumer-grade online and mobile tools or utilize our flexible tech platform to build your own proprietary solutions
  • Sabre Solutions:


  • Provide personalized offers according to profiles, corporate policy and preferences, ensuring program compliance
  • Offer the most relevant itineraries and competitive fares with superior shopping and search capabilities
  • Mitigate travel frictions and drive revenues through efficient air merchandising shopping
  • Manage your negotiated hotel rates more effectively with our easy-to-use hotel program management solution
  • Sabre Solutions:


  • Drive value and compliance at each stage of the booking process with fully integrated solutions
  • Manage complex and large booking simply with our efficient end-to-end solution
  • Secure virtual payment solutions for added fraud protection and cost control
  • Sabre Solutions:


  • Keep things simple and streamlined for the business traveler with our single mobile app that manages the complete travel program
  • Integrate preferred products and expense providers with our open and flexible solution
  • Ensure duty of care with an integrated travel risk management solution
  • Sabre Solutions:

How we can help add value to your operation:



  • • Maximize commissions and markups with real-time, actionable insights across main revenue sources, all from one central portfolio
  • Get unparalleled control to execute your revenue strategy, either at the enterprise, analyst or consultant level
  • Sabre Solutions:

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