Remote Individual User Plan

Planned Upgrade Affecting Ordering Services

Sabre regularly invests in its technology to provide you with greater efficiency, improved service and a better experience. To that end, we will perform a major upgrade to our Corporate Systems on Tuesday, January 31 that will last until Wednesday, February 8.

During the upgrade, orders for new Terminal Addresses and PCCs will not be submitted nor processed. When the upgrade ends on February 8, we will resume our normal ordering services as usual.

We hope this advance notice will give you sufficient time to plan and place any existing orders with this required upgrade window in mind.

We apologize for the inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your patience.

The Remote Individual User, known as the Internet Solutions Remote Individual (ISRI), is designed for travel agents who want access to the Sabre® system but don't want to be tied to booking requirements or long-term contracts. An agent on this plan may be hosted by an agency for ticketing purposes.

The ISRI Plan Features:

With a Host Agency

Enjoy full access to the Sabre system and issue tickets through your Host Agency.

Without a Host Agency

Without a Host Agency you will not be able to issue airline tickets. You will find more information on how to become a professional travel agent on our Getting Started page.

Access these products with Remote Individual User:


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