Sabre Hotel RFP for Hotels

Sabre® Hotel RFP is an automated notification service that generates qualified leads from hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. This unique service unlocks new opportunities for hoteliers of all sizes. And as part of the Sabre portfolio, no other solution comes even close to opening more doors to corporate sales leads.

More than 2,700 travel buyers and initiated over 81 million requests for room nights and rates worldwide in 2016 - totaling more than $10.1 billion in transient room night spend. Today, you only respond to RFPs if the corporation specifically requests your property.  But with Hotel RFP, you can compete even if you weren't selected. 80% of corporate Hotel RFP users choose to receive responses from qualified hotels not initially considered. That's a world of untapped revenue opportunities waiting for you.

Pricing and Special Offers

Respond to RFPs free of charge if your property was specifically selected. Increase your business by bidding on pre-qualified leads for just a low, monthly fee of $69.

Key Benefits

  • Create sales opportunities with competitive bidding function
  • Respond quickly to RFPs in easy-to-use format
  • Track progress on RFPs, including report exporting
  • Expose your property to more than 80% of corporate Sabre Hotel RFP customers who choose to include competitive bids on their RFPs


Bid on business even if not initially invited

With the competitive bidding feature, bid on business when your property matches a corporation or agency's request - even if they have not asked for your hotel by name.

Track, manage and send responses to direct RFPs

After an agent or corporate travel manager sends an RFP, the hotel has the ability to respond to or decline the RFP invitation, negotiate rates, and send final agreements.

Build external reports

Using the reports and exporting feature, group your bid opportunities by status and keep up to date with your sales opportunities.

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