Sabre Hotel RFP for Travel Agencies

Give your clients the most value by using the most efficient tool to negotiate their hotel programs. Sabre® Hotel RFP helps you to streamline the management of RFPs, reports and hotel directories. Join the nearly 2,700 corporations and travel agencies that have selected the award-winning Sabre Hotel RFP tool.

Sabre Hotel RFP (Request For Proposal) is an online marketplace that unites corporate travel buyers with hotels and chains to solicit, negotiate, finalize and audit their corporate transient hotel programs efficiently. In 2016, Sabre Hotel RFP travel buyers initiated over 81 million requests for room nights and rates worldwide - totaling more than $10B in transient room night spend. Uncover hotel savings for your clients with Sabre Hotel RFP, no matter that GDS you utilize. Maximizing your resources and streamlining your client's hotel programs has never been easier. Quickly and professionally manage all aspects of the program with our award-winning tool.

Each step of a successful hotel program is covered with Sabre Hotel RFP:

  • Assemble an RFP Package
  • Distribute and manage RFPs easily
  • Measure performance
  • Serve any client, anywhere in the world regardless of GDS or other agency affiliations

Key Benefits

  • Streamline the hotel RFP process by keeping information in a central location
  • Maintain agency-wide visibility to all client RFP activities
  • Efficiently source over 170,000 GDS and non-GDS hotel properties
  • Access an extensive suite of reports and exports
  • Deliver a rich HTML corporate hotel directory, raising the barrier to entry from your competitors
  • Enable pre-qualified competitive bids to find new properties to add to your program
  • Leverage negotiated rate benchmarking by travel destination/city


  • A Sabre® Eco-Certified Hotel criterion appears during sourcing and in the Corporate Hotel Directory  
  • Prepare GBTA-compliant RFPs (2013 GBTA Questionnaire and custom question capabilities)
  • Export final rooms and rates in booking tool formats (GetThere, Concur, NuTravel/ResX)
  • GDS neutral
  • Room-night volume collection

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