Rail offers competitive rail content solutions in Europe, North America and Canada. Rail content supported includes 11 different products based on market needs and points of sale. Our breadth of content extends across 37 rail company networks. Functionality supported includes; PNR mergeback, ticketing, satellite ticketing printing, back office, itinerary and invoice, Sabre® VirtuallyThere® and Electronic Ticketing. Product solution and functions supported vary based on rail supplier and individual market needs.


Rail includes:

  • Rail EMEA - AccesRail: Rail Participant distributing European Rail Services and Japan Rail East (JRE) to global travel agents through the familiar methods of the GDS. AccesRail services can be found easily through the use of standard Availability formats. AccesRail can be integrated into the Sabre® system PNR with other content. Fares, Ticketing, itinerary invoice and full back-office functionality is supported.
  • Rail France - SNCF: Multi-access connection to SNCF Resarail system using the Sabre ELVA connection. Travel agencies have to obtain a license from SNCF, enabling them to have a real-time access to the full range of SNCF products. Sabre Stars, customer profiles, allow data storage that can be displayed and merged while in the Resarail environment. Merged-back rail segments at time of ticketing provide a Sabre PNR with standard Sabre IUR for Back office. ATB2 tickets are printed from an IER 557.
  • Rail France – SNCF Satellite Ticket Printer: SNCF STP enables SNCF and Rail Europe certified agencies to print SNCF documents at a remote location.
  • Rail Germany – Deutsche Bahn: The Rail – Deutsche Bahn capability provides agencies with a valid German rail license access to the full bookable content offered by the Deutsche Bahn NVS system.
  • Rail North America - Amtrak: The multi-access connection to the US National Passenger Rail Company Amtrak provides access to the full range of Amtrak domestic rail services within the US.
  • Rail Spain - RENFE: The standard capability developed by Spanish Railways provided to all customers of the travel industry. A web-based application that is fully intuitive allows the travel agency to view schedules, fare, book and issue travel documents on all trains in Spain.
  • Rail Sweden – Swedish Rail: Linkonline is a flexible and easy to use web application providing real time access to timetable information, pricing, reservations and ticketing on domestic and international rail services. Linkonline has access to more than 1,400 daily departures and allows customers to search for best route based on departure point, destination or time of departure.
  • Swedish Ground Transportation: Swedish Ground Transportation capability provides access to the following content:
    • Flygtaxi: Operates out of 41 airports in Sweden, serving both domestic and international passengers. Flygtaxi will take passengers to and from their address in more than 3,000 locations throughout Sweden.
    • Flygbussarna: Services a total of seven airports from 10 cities in Sweden, from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north. Flygbussarna are accessible to more than 85 percent of all those travelling to and from Swedish airports.
    • Arlanda Express: Twenty-minute rail link from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Central. Arlanda Express is owned and operated by A-Train AB, four to six trains departing every hour until midnight.
  • Rail Switzerland – SBB Rail Ticketing
  • Rail United Kingdom - ELGAR: ELGAR, developed by Eurostar UK Ltd, is a data processing system, which translates message streams between travel agent GDS terminals and the reservation systems of Eurostar (ERS) and the Association of Train Operating Companies (FACETS).
  • Rail United Kingdom – ELGAR Satellite Ticket Printer: Elgar STP will allow customers to print Eurostar and Domestic rail tickets at a remote location.

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