Qik Developer

Use Qik Developer to create applications that improve productivity and support your unique business processes.  Build a customized point-of-sale with highly managed workflows or automate repetitive tasks.  Sabre® also offers Qik consulting and development services.   

Pricing and Special Offers

Qik Developer is available for a one-time license fee. Additional annual technical support packages are also available.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces training time 30 to 50 percent with no need to learn Sabre® GDS system formats
  • Saves time - agents’ keystrokes are reduced by 30 to 50 percent
  • Promotes workflow standardization
  • Increases quality control compliance to 90-100%
  • Eliminates costly errors prior to sending transactions to Sabre system
  • Enhances sales effectiveness via sales prompts
  • Reduces average call time


  • Customize the off-the-shelf Turbo Sabre desktop application to create applications tailored to your agency’s unique workflow.
  • Industry standards are used to make sending and receiving information from almost any data source a breeze. Interact with other applications like local databases, integrated computer and telephone hardware and software, email and fax servers.
  • Simplify your applications’ management with the configuration editor.
  • Identify errors in your application with a debugger that makes test and correction easier.
  • Sales prompts can be customized for your business, eliminating the need to consult job aids and reducing agent call times.

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