NetCheck® is designed to satisfy the occasional need of agents to search additional content sources. A single command allows a travel agent to search up to 30 airline websites for the active itinerary and then quickly provide a notice that "no lower fares were found". On those rare occasions when there may be supplemental content available, NetCheck provides both an alert and an easy way to display the options. 

Key Benefits

Quick and simple, NetCheck gives you integrated low fare searches – search both Sabre Travel Network and the web using a single command – WPNI/CHK.


Efficient and Integrated:

  • Integrated low fare searches – search both Sabre Travel Network and the web using a single command – WPNI/CHK. Quick and simple!
  • Provides an easy-to-use, intuitive shopping experience. Offers a superior work flow as compared to similar tools. It was designed with input from agents and usability experts.
  • Initial results carrier level information in one easy to read fare matrix. The lowest for the each carrier is shown, with fares that are lower the GDS Fares highlighted in Green
  • Sortable Detailed Results show itinerary options and prices
  • Required fields and next steps are clearly displayed.
  • Automatically checks to verify if any supplemental content chosen can be booked in the Sabre® system – ensuring maximization of agent managed active bookings and any potential booking incentives.

Flexible and Targeted Searches:

  • Strong targeting and search capabilities, such as Include Carriers, Exclude Carriers and Segment select
  • Ability to launch via a portlet or a command line for non-GDS routes

Strong Content:

  • Access to over 50 additional suppliers through NetCheck
    • Confidently assure your customer – “Yes, I’ve checked multiple content sources to ensure you have the best available option for your trip”.
    • Continually expanding to adapt to the changing market place
    • Smart Search Capabilities automatically identifies the carriers that fly each route, strong content in both North American and Europe

Automation and Documentation:

  • Automatically pre-populates the airline booking web site
  • Automatically merges the web reservation back into Sabre as a passive segment, providing you the ability to manage the reservation and to integrate with your back office system.
  • Quick, easy and automated documentation of the reason codes – describing why options were or were not chosen

Great Support, Fair Price:

  • Competitive pricing and billing that is merged with your Sabre invoice for easier tracking
  • Strong support from the highly knowledgeable Sabre sales and operations teams
  • Available both via Sabre Red Workspace agent booking workspace and via Turbo Sabre®
  • Available in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand

Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.