Hotel Spotlight

The Hotel Spotlight® program offers preferred placement on travel agency terminals. You'll receive increased exposure to the largest travel agency network in the world. Sabre’s Precision Path data, available exclusively to Hotel Spotlight subscribers, is the only tool in the marketplace that provides information on the impact of the increased exposure that the Hotel Spotlight program provides.

Pricing and Special Offers

The Hotel Spotlight program features a unique pricing structure consisting of a subscription fee which is based on the amount of revenue your properties drive through the Sabre system and the airport code the property is purchasing. Contact your account manager or salesperson for more details.

Key Benefits

  • Targeted preferencing
  • Strong track record
  • Measurable results
  • Broad network


Preferred placement

Positional advantage on hotel availability displays (HOT displays) will enable you to increase sales. You’ll stay ahead of your competition by being at the forefront in the booking agent’s line of sight.

Advanced reporting

Sabre is the only GDS to provide statistics that prove the value of preferred placement. By comparing look to book ratios of Hotel Spotlight and non-Spotlight participants on the airport or city codes you purchase, you can clearly see the benefit of participating in the program.

Rate parity

The Hotel Spotlight program requires rate parity to participate in the program. A recent PMI study shows that 81% of all travel agents globally said it was very important to see rate parity across channels.

Access to the largest single pool of room revenue in the world

Sabre processed almost $11B in room revenue last year. While not all of that is affected by the Hotel Spotlight program, the ability to win new business from influenceable agency revenue is significant.

Technical Requirements

Agents would view Spotlight properties via Sabre Red Workspace or other traditional access points for the Sabre system that are not enabled by Web Services.

Access and Availability


Contact our resellers for information specific to your property and market.


The Hotel Spotlight program is available worldwide, but slots are limited on a market by market basis.

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