Hotel Negotiated Rate Audit

Eliminate time spent manually checking to see if negotiated hotel rates are loaded. Hotel Negotiated Rate Audit ensures the rates you've worked hard to negotiate are loaded and viewable for booking in any GDS. Rest easy knowing that we can identify and automatically send email notification to those properties whose negotiated rates are not properly loaded.

Pricing and Special Offers

Please contact your account director for pricing information. Pricing is determined by number of Pseudo City Code, Hotels and GDSs checked.

Key Benefits

  • Provides irrefutable evidence that a rate is not available 
  • Reduces travel spend
  • Improves efficiencies by eliminating manual auditing
  • Uncovers savings opportunities by identifying which hotels are offering BAR rates lower than your negotiated rate


  • Ability to shop three discrete dates, excluding blackout dates
  • Unlimited number of PCCs and GDSs checked (extra charge for each)
  • Notification emails sent to failed properties 
  • Copy of the actual hotel availability display provided, showing all shop results 
  • BAR data with Audit results returned

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