Government Rates and Policy

Government Rates and Policy is a capability that enables travel agencies to streamline the travel booking process for government travelers. Government Rates and Policy delivers access to government negotiated rates, policy compliance automated at the point of sale, and automation to improve efficiency in the government travel booking process. Government Rates and Policy is available to both travel agencies and government agencies direct.

Key Benefits

  • Provides access to government negotiated rates
  • Ensures compliance with electronic travel initiatives mandated by the government
  • Reduces costs and increases efficiency
  • Includes opportunity for full customization to meet your specific needs


Government Rates and Policy includes access to government negotiated rates, policy compliance automated at the point of sale, and automation to improve efficiency of overall government travel booking process. The exclusive entry of (AF‡ON) in Government Sabre provides that the agent will only see government approved rates in their displays. Other features of Government Rates and Policy include:

  • Access to Preferred Rates
  • CONUS and OCONUS rates for lodging and transportation, which are approved government per diem rates.
  • Rates from government-approved contractors such as Southwest Airlines
  • GOV and FPLP hotel rates easily identified in Sabre® system displays. If requested property is not available, an alternative is automatically suggested.
  • Access to Rail content, including AMTRAK rates, integrated into the Sabre system

Government Rates and Policy is also designed to help facilitate the General Services Administration’s eTravel initiative goals of:

  • Developing a world-class, government-wide, Web-based travel management service
  • Establishing a cost model that reduces or eliminates capital investment and minimizes total cost per transaction for the government
  • Creating a policy environment based on the use of best travel management policies

Additional Information

Training and Support

Using Government Rates and Policy is easy. However, we offer training tools and resources for the tool at our Agency eServices customer portal.

Access and Availability

Government Rates and Policy can be accessed through the Sabre GDS.

Where Available

Government Rates and Policy is available to Sabre ConnectedSM agencies in the United States.

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