GetThere DirectGovernment

GetThere® DirectGovernment is the most comprehensive online travel management solution designed specifically for government agencies. Available to the government sector through GetThere distributors, it helps agencies streamline and automate nearly every aspect of travel procurement—while reducing travel costs, increasing procurement efficiencies, and boosting traveler satisfaction. Five of the six largest U.S. government agencies rely on GetThere DirectGovernment to book travel.

GetThere DirectGovernment enables government travelers to securely access and book government-approved travel options, access government rates, and manage their user profiles online. Agencies gain extraordinary flexibility and control. They can define permissible travel options, manage agency and standard GSA travel policy compliance, boost online adoption rates, reduce paperwork, and cut administrative costs.


Synchronize User Profile Information

GetThere DirectGovernment, along with premium add-on services, such as GetThere DirectData, allow GDS profile information to flow easily between GetThere distributor systems and government agency IT systems. This ensures consistent and timely access to key travel information, including ticketing, billing, reporting, user profile management, and expense-report management.

Leverage "Families" of Booking Sites

For government agencies with independent operating units, booking sites can easily be deployed that meet the needs of individual organizations. Importantly, all related reporting and cost saving data from individual sites can be controlled through a parent site for ease of administration.

Access Common Look and Feel

To ensure consistency and boost ease of use, the GetThere DirectGovernment site can match the look and feel of government agencies' intranets. Each booking site can easily incorporate government agency logos, custom colors, online tutorials, travel links, trip templates, feedback forms, and announcements.

Additional Information

A range of additional services are available to extend the system’s capabilities

Access to official (government contract carrier) fares for air, car, and hotels in every market.

Automated travel policy enforcement that supports flexible rules for defining agency travel policies for air, car, and hotel, and multiple travel policies for different classes of travelers.

Charge card management and access to reporting tools for policy compliance, online adoption, and travel spend at the agency, department, or user level.

GetThere Travel Intelligence™, a premium service, advises travelers of critical, accurate and up-to-the-minute travel and related health and safety information — accessible before, during, and after travel.

Access and Availability

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