Contract Optimization Services

Balancing performance targets and savings guarantees in supplier contracts, while maximizing profitability, is a very complex task. Contract Optimization Services combine powerful business intelligence capabilities, leveraging our unmatched expertise in revenue managment, with leading shopping technology to provide significant bottom line benefits for TMCs and their clients. The integrated service components include: Sales Planning, Content Customization, and Reporting & Analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Increase in targeted bookings by up to 20%
  • Up to a 5% reduction in travel spend
  • Ability to achieve multiple performance targets simultaneously
  • Reduction in missed revenue opportunities


Sales Planning

Our Sales Planning service evaluates existing or pending supplier deals and determines ideal sales targets which maximize overall profitability. Supplier contract information is assessed along with the latest sales, shopping, and industry data for thousands of markets. Deal valuations and optimal sales targets for all markets and customers are established, enhancing negotiating strength and revealing untapped revenue opportunities.

Content Customization

The Content Customization service generates customized displays, reflecting market and customer-specific objectives by making valued suppliers and itineraries easy to find. Customization is consistent across all Sabre®-connected points of sale, including low fare search, availability and schedules displays. When combined with Sales Planning, Content Customization automatically captures the latest sales targets and tailors corresponding displays. This saves you the headache of managing thousands of individual market and customer combinations.

Reporting & Analysis

Sales statistics and contract performance are continuously tracked with the Reporting & Analysis service. Reports and email alerts ensure that you never miss a big opportunity. When combined with Sales Planning, bookings that deviate significantly from the plan are highlighted and sales targets are automatically re-optimized.


Additional Information

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