ClientBase Marketing Services

For users of ClientBase® or ClientBase® Online, ClientBase® Marketing Services offers the best targeted marketing programs for travel agencies. We specialize in using the latest technology to focus on client database management and integrated promotions. Each agency in the ClientBase Marketing Services program is guided by a professional Marketing Manager to segment their database, select their primary suppliers, automatically send targeted promotions, and obtain complete tracking reports — measuring the success of your marketing.


Key Benefits

With ClientBase Marketing Services, you will be able to:

  • Reach the right client, with the right promotion, through the right media, at the right time
  • Take advantage of award-winning marketing that is unique and effective across multiple media
  • Plan your marketing to ensure that your clients are getting relevant offers
  • Emphasize the value of using a travel agent
  • Choose the suppliers you want to promote
  • Measure the success of your marketing



ClientBase Marketing Services professional Marketing Managers assist you in segmenting your database to send out targeted promotions. We enable you to send the right promotions, to the right clients, through the right media, at the right time.

Unique Promotions

Marketing is designed from the consumer, up. Your agency's themed campaign will have an emotional appeal, and is coordinated across all media, including e-mail campaigns. Suppliers give special promotions because of the ability to know who is receiving the promotion, and provide complete reporting on clickthroughs.

We Do the Work for You

Your time is valuable. Know that the best marketing in the industry is being implemented on your behalf, with very little time required of you. The segmentation of your database, and the creation and sending of the promotions, are done for you, based on the your direction and approval.

Complete Reporting

Not only will you know what promotions went to whom, and when, but unlike any other marketing organization, you will know what worked. Clickthroughs are tracked all the way down to the consumer level. The results of your campaigns are provided to you so you can use them to sell more travel.

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