Card Services

Card Services, the preferred merchant application of Sabre Red, allows agencies to become the merchant on credit card transactions. It provides control over what prints on the credit card holders statement, offers a low blended rate for transaction processing for all major credit cards including UATP Air Travel Cards.

Card Services is a fully integrated capability accessible from your desk top. Subscribers have improved cash flow and access to the service fee revenues charged to travelers. Card Services offers robust, detailed bank reporting via the internet and allows for auto reconciliation of transactions with back office accounting programs like TRAMS™, Sabre® CentralCommandSM and others.

Pricing and Special Offers

Please contact your account director for more information.

Key Benefits

  • Automated reconciliation with back office accounting systems.
  • Agency details passed for cardholder statement reporting.
  • Faster access to the revenues from charges to travelers. Card Services deposits the full amount of every transaction daily, eight business days from the date of transaction and then debits the settlement charges with the last deposit of each month.


  • Real-time credit card processing at the desk top.
  • Transactions have a 10 character document number.
  • Be the merchant of record on your transactions out side of ARC process.
  • Greater cash flow throughout the month.
  • Detailed and summary reporting as well as automated reconciliation.

Card Services is integrated with standard Sabre MISF service fee formats and can be used with the Sabre® Ticketing Assistant application and provides auto reconciliation of transactions with back office accounting programs like TRAMSTM, Sabre® CentralCommandSM and others.

Additional Information

When you sign up for your Merchant Account you will receive a welcome kit that includes training documents, contact and support information from

Technical Requirements

Users must have access to the Sabre system and an Internet connection for reporting.

Access and Availability

Card Services is fully integrated into the Sabre system work flow and requires no special hardware or software. It uses standard Sabre formats for applying service fees. The reporting available from Merchant e-Solutions can be accessed from any internet connection and requires no special training or software.


From your computer desktop.


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