Bargain Finder Max

As the latest innovation in affordable low-fare search technology, Bargain Findersm Max provides you with the ability to sort and display hundreds of worldwide diverse, lower-priced itineraries for available flights. This low-fare search product enables you to present a broader set of carriers and schedules.

Greater diversity at lower prices

Count on Bargain Finder Max to increase consumer confidence in the low-fare options you present them.  Bargain Finder Max provides you with up to 200 itinerary options for each low-fare search, carefully mixing the lowest prices with a diverse set of carriers, non-stop and connecting flight options, short flight durations and the ability to specify arrival and departure times.

Calendar Shopping

Provides Bargain Finder Max users with alternate date shopping capabilities, making it simple for agencies to present travelers with low fares on up to 49 departure and return date combinations in a single, online calendar matrix.

Key Benefits

  • Increase customer confidence
    • Expand the depth and breadth of low fare options to enable online agencies to satisfy shoppers' demands for choice
  • Increase productivity
    • Display an expanded number of low fares and flights in one entry to reduce multiple shopping transactions and decrease time spent searching for low fares
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
    • Satisfy shoppers' demands for choice by offering more options that meet specified travel criteria including service, number of connections or flight duration
  • Reduce costs
    • Decrease costs by reducing the number of entries used for shopping


  • Expand Breadth of Options
    • Receive 50, 100, or 200 low fare options in a single request for worldwide itineraries
    • Display up to 19 options for complex itineraries
  • Diversity of Responses
    • Use low fare search qualifiers to provide a variety of carriers, non-stop and connecting flight options, short flight durations, etc.
  • Alternate City Shopping
    • Process low fare options using mileage radius within 100 miles of the preferred origin or destination
  • Calendar Shopping
    • Search alternate dates +/-1 or +/-3
      • Shop Across Passenger Types
        • The number of passengers traveling no longer needs to equal the number of passengers shopped
        • Allows shopping of incompatible passenger types in a single entry

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