Air Availability and Schedules

The Air Availability and Schedules feature provides travel agencies with access to reservation information and schedules for more than 400 airlines through the Sabre® global distribution system.

Key Benefits

  • Provides maximum travel content information directly from your desktop -- without additional cost to your business
  • Streamlines the search process
  • Enhances your value as a travel expert


The Air Availability and Schedules package offers a comprehensive array of functionality with its City Pair Availability and Schedules features.

With the City Pair Availability feature, flight information is available for booking up to 331 days in advance for carriers that participate in Full Availability and 180 days for carriers that participate in Basic Booking Request. This feature displays non-stop and direct flights, and two-segment and three-segment connections. In addition to the basic board and off points and departure and arrival time, qualifiers can be used to streamline and simplify a search entry. Such qualifiers include:

  • Airline specific display – can include or exclude up to twenty carriers
  • Alliance partner flights
  • Class of service or inventory group
  • First available by class, with or without number in party
  • Connecting city and connecting time
  • Direct Access availability to an airline
  • Extended schedules display (timetable)
  • Fare displays

Abbreviated City Pair Availability follow-up entries include:

  • Return schedules or availability
  • Change board / off point or date / time
  • Modify or request any of the optional qualifiers
  • Flight specific availability query

With the Schedules feature, our easy-to-understand display enables you to quickly find the flights your customers need. And you can offer electronic ticketing on more carriers – from more countries – than any other GDS. The Sabre GDS dynamically constructs connect points to create a significant number of flight options. Minimum connect times, including published exceptions, are updated on a weekly basis via a file from OAG Inc. Maximum connect time allowances for the Sabre system are:

  • Five hours for a U.S. domestic connection and between the United States to/from Canada or Mexico
  • 13 hours for international connections

All possible connections between board and off points are built using dynamic connect point construction, minimum and maximum connect times and traffic restrictions. Flight schedules are shown based upon rules and service factors such as default departure time, interline and inter-airport connections and stops. Displays include:

  • a maximum of six flight items per display
  • non-stop flights are displayed first, followed by stopping direct flights
  • connections and change of gauge flights

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