Trams Back Office

Trams Back Office

Trams Back Office is the most popular accounting and reporting travel management system behind some of the most successful travel agencies in the market today.

With Tram Back Office, you get fast and efficient access to traveler reservation data, providing a rich source of information for internal and external management reporting with full financial reporting.

What's in it for you?

  • CALCULATE AND PROCESS COMMISSION PAYMENTS quickly and efficiently. Replace spreadsheets and other archaic internal systems and simplify the commission tracking process -- assuring greater accuracy and ease of processes.
  • REDUCE STAFFING AND OVERHEAD COSTS by reducing manual intervention and data entry. You'll benefit from improved workflow and automation and manage your cash flow and operating expenses in Trams Back Office.
  • MONITOR, MANAGE AND GROW your business easily with right-size, right-price information technology (IT).
  • CONTROL COSTS with extreme efficiency.
  • WORK SEAMLESSLY WITH CLIENTBASE to deliver a complete solution incorporating GDS integration, CRM, general ledger and more.

How will you stand out?

Process your credit card merchant payments using the data you have already entered into the program with Credit Card Merchant included in your Trams Back Office software.

Access competitive rates available to you through our partnerships with credit card processing companies.

Access unlimited personal hands-on training, phone and email support, Internet-based classes, special topic classes, documentation, recorded trainings, quick reference guides, and more.

Obtain personalized attention and classroom-style training at an annual conference we host for you.

How it works for you

Trams Back Office is an easy to learn travel management system that provides integrated and interfaced flexible management, accounting and marketing reporting. In addition, Trams Back Office seamlessly works with ClientBase to deliver a complete solution incorporating GDS integration, CRM, general ledger and more. With Trams Back Office, part of the Sabre Red travel solution, you'll have the capability to easily monitor, mange and grow your business.

Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.