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Simplify Payment Complexities and Build Partnerships

As the leader in business travel technology, Sabre Virtual Payments provides a simple solution to uniquely overcome common challenges with corporate travel, such as policy control, fraud risk, and difficult reconciliation. In turn, TMCs are well positioned to support existing customer requirements and win new customers by delivering proven payment benefits to managed travel programs.

Advantages of Sabre Virtual Payments

As corporations seek to control travel costs and limit fraud exposure, technology plays an integral role. Travel payment processing is an area where technology can offer a smarter, more secure and complete solution that corporate customers demand.

Improves Service Delivery & Customer Growth

Lower payment costs and improve compliance for your clients' travel programs to secure higher customer retention and sales growth

Easy-to-Use Solution

Seamlessly integrates Virtual Card Number (VCN) technology within the Sabre travel ecosystem to maintain workflow efficiencies while improving service quality

Inhibits Fraud

Each Virtual Card Number (VCN) has an established payment amount, number of uses, usage dates, supplier types and more for enhanced security

Increases Productivity

Automated reconciliation process saves time delivering accurate, quality data for complete payment transparency and detailed reporting

The Future of Business Travel Payment Has Arrived

Sabre Virtual Payments is transforming the entire payment process within business travel. It removes pre-digital processes that have slowed the industry down, saving agencies and their clients both time and money. It even grows transactions for TMCs by addressing rogue travelers and keeping them in program.

Sabre Virtual Payments integrates industry-leading Virtual Card Number (VCN) technology across the Sabre Portfolio (GetThere, Sabre Red Workspace and Sabre APIs), accessing multiple banking partners worldwide and supporting expense and general ledger systems automatically. In other words, it offers an agnostic, end-to-end payment settlement solution that works with most financial and major credit card companies.

You generate VCNs within your normal Sabre booking workflow using your choice of multiple banking partners. That card information is passed to the supplier for payment at time of purchase or time of stay, enabling corporations to better enforce policy controls for every booking and travel purchase, regardless of purchase channel.

Sabre Virtual Payments also easily pays for and reconciles additional elements such as low-cost carrier transactions or services and ancillaries (seats, early check-in, baggage fees and more). It even removes the hotel direct-bill manual process and costs involved in physical invoicing that often leads to higher transaction fees. Not to mention, it offers an easy payment solution covering additional services, such as passport and visa fees, emergency evacuation and other incidental travel expenses.

Even better for TMCs, Sabre Virtual Payments captures multiple fields of rich and relevant data. Whenever a specific VCN is created, data is collected with each individual transaction. Job numbers, client codes, employee codes, cost centers, or any additional information your company or client wants can be captured. The accounting team receives detailed (level-3) folio data on all travel and supplier transactions, which lessens the risk of human error and makes matching data in effect a 100% process. Because bookings and payments are matched automatically in the reconciliation tool, it reduces time-consuming investigations along with credit card fraud and disputes.

A Better Payment Solution for Business Travel

With Sabre Virtual Payments, TMCs can provide greater policy support, convenience, detailed travel information and reporting along with unsurpassed security to their corporate clients. All leading to improved customer retention and growth.

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