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Secure Business Payments Virtually Anywhere You Travel

With Sabre Virtual Payments, travel managers can better control, track and validate business travel expenditures, regardless of booking channel. Because businesses don’t issue corporate credit cards to everybody (e.g. contractors, temporary staff, infrequent travelers and new hires), Sabre Virtual Payments makes it easier for anyone traveling for your company to pay for their travel-related expenses.

Discover the Value of Sabre Virtual Payments

As companies seek ways to boost control and efficiency, technology plays an increasing role. Travel payment processing is an area where technology can offer a smarter, more secure and complete solution.

Greater Control

Manage travel spend regardless of purchase channel or employee card status with full visibility and oversight

Enhanced Security

Automated reconciliation process saves time with accurate, quality data for complete transparency and detailed reporting

Higher Productivity

Automated reconciliation process saves time with accurate, quality data for complete transparency and detailed reporting

Total Solution

Single payment solution designed to cover company travel expenses for everyone, including infrequent travelers and non-employees

The Secure and Easy Way to Pay for Business Travel

Sabre Virtual Payments offers an integrated solution that provides better control and reconciliation of travel program payments, regardless of traveler or purchasing source.

It works with industry-leading Virtual Card Number (VCN) technology, integrated across the Sabre Portfolio (GetThere, Sabre Red Workspace and Sabre APIs), accessing multiple banking partners and supporting expense and general ledger systems automatically. In other words, Sabre Virtual Payments is completely bank agnostic and works with most financial and major card companies.

More importantly, it’s seamlessly integrated into your existing Sabre travel workflow. Travel is booked with an agency or using your OBTs, making it simple to implement across your entire travel program. During the booking process, a virtual card is issued based on amount, travel dates and merchant category. A unique card number is generated, complete with expiration date and CVV, providing a fraud resistant comprehensive payment solution.

Card information is passed to the supplier and the payment is made at time of purchase or at time of stay, enabling you to better enforce travel policy controls for every booking and travel purchase. Sabre Virtual Payments also easily pays for and reconciles additional elements such as low-cost carrier transactions or services and ancillaries (seats, early check-in, baggage fees and more). It even removes the hotel direct-bill manual process and costs involved in physical invoicing that often leads to higher transaction fees. Not to mention, it offers an easy payment solution covering additional services, such as passport and visa fees, emergency evacuation and other incidental travel expenses.

Activity and payments are matched automatically in the reconciliation tool. More specifically, air reconciliation captures the full cost of the trip, including flight changes and cancellations, along with ancillaries and service fees. The accounting team receives detailed (level-3) folio data on all travel and supplier transactions, which lessens the risk of human error and makes matching data in effect a 100% process. Due to the quality of data provided, you can reduce or eliminate the need for individual traveler expense reporting.

Peace of Mind that Travels

The value of Sabre Virtual Payments translates into a greater peace of mind. Have control over your business travel payments by setting limits and issuing unique card numbers specific to each travel event, ensuring in-policy compliance and easier reconciliation of all expenses. Airlines, rail and rental car companies, hotels and other suppliers answering your business travel needs have confidence they are receiving a secure form of payment at time of purchase or check out. Business travelers have a frictionless payment solution that's easier to manage in-trip and during the expense reconciliation process, while overall significantly decreasing the risk of fraud within your company.

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