Sabre Virtual Payments

Sabre Virtual Payments

We know payment during the travel booking process is not as straight forward as many might think. You have to consider company policies and spending limits, fraud protection, bank or supplier agreements, and even the reconciliation process after the trip has been completed.

Sabre Virtual Payments works with Conferma, an expert in Virtual Card Number (VCN) technology, to provide a unique virtual credit card number that is generated on demand for a specific amount, vendor and travel event. The secure payment solution integrates with multiple banking partners to meet customers' different needs. Plus it automatically matches booking and payment information during the reconciliation process, saving your customers valuable time.

What's in it for you?

  • EXPERIENCE A SEAMLESS INTEGRATION with Sabre, GetThere and multiple banking partners that fit your needs.
  • DRIVE POLICY COMPLIANCE by including allowable expenses on payment confirmations sent to merchants.
  • PREVENT FRAUD by delivering a unique PCI-compliant card number that can only be used by the merchant it was issued to.
  • SAVE TIME with a reconciliation tool that automatically matches bookings to payments and includes your custom data.
  • GAIN VISIBILITY of payments with clean, consistent data in one place.

How it works for you

Understand how Sabre Virtual Payments can meet your unique business needs. Click the category that best matches your business type to learn more.

AGENCIES can use Sabre Virtual Payments to book hotel and air across the globe (and rail in North America). It’s seamlessly integrated into the agent’s existing Sabre workflow.

CORPORATIONS benefit from the ability to control travel program costs by setting limits and issuing unique card numbers specific to each travel event.

SUPPLIERS appreciate a consistent delivery of data and the confidence that they are receiving a secure form of payment at time of purchase or at time of check out.

Stress is alleviated for TRAVELERS as payments are easier to manage in-trip and during the expense reconciliation process.

Throughout the entire process, everyone enjoys the peace of mind that with Sabre Virtual Payments their exposure to fraud is vastly reduced.

How it works

Travel is booked with an agency or through an online booking tool. During the booking process a virtual card is issued based on amount, validity dates and merchant category. The card is created with a unique card number, expiration number and CVV. Card information is then passed on to the supplier and the payment is made at time of purchase (air and rail) or time of stay (hotel). Finally, bookings and payments are matched automatically in the reconciliation tool. The matched data can be exported for further analysis and reporting.

Sabre Virtual Payments provides different benefits to different customers. Click your business type to learn how Sabre Virtual Payments can provide value to Agencies, Corporations, Hotels and Travelers.

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