Sabre Virtual Payments

The Control, Speed and Security Today's Travel Demands

Traditional payment methods (credit cards, BTAs, cash and accounts payable) carry fraud risk and reconciliation process costs. Sabre Virtual Payments delivers a solution to help you quickly travel around these and other obstacles. Here are the key advantages:

Saves Money

Improves cash flow with faster processing and payment of services and reduces currency conversion fees

Prevents Fraud

VCC numbers are limited by dollar amount, number of uses, precise travel dates and more for total control and tighter policy compliance


Seamlessly integrates advanced Virtual Card Number technology, Sabre (GetThere & Sabre Red Workspace), multiple banking partners and supports expense & general ledger systems

Automated Reconciliation

Reduces time spent matching bookings to payments with quality data that offers complete visibility of spend

Easy, Flexible and Highly Secure Alternative to Traditional Payment Methods

Sabre Virtual Payments uses industry-leading Virtual Card Number technology to provide a unique virtual credit card (VCC) number. The VCC number is generated electronically and issued for a specific travel event or vendor. It functions in the same manner as a traditional credit card, but provides more control and greater protection against fraudulent spending. Because a VCC number has a short time window and a fixed amount, it’s only valid for a single purchase. Another advantage, it even offers comprehensive data to reconcile expenses. As a result, fraud is less likely to occur with improved transparency, providing clear attribution of expenses to cost centers, trips, projects, individual employees and more. Virtual payments even improve cash flow with faster processing and payment of services and reduces currency conversion (FX) fees associated with international travel.

Discover a Simple, Secure and Convenient Travel Payment Solution that Meets Your Needs

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