Sabre Red Apps

Sabre Red Apps

Extend the power of the Sabre® Red™ Workspace based on what matters most to your agency. Sabre® Red™ Apps are business applications that can be integrated directly into an agent's workflow. The apps plug into and become part of the Red Workspace, allowing agents to become more efficient.

What's in it for you?

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR AGENCY’S WORKFLOW by quickly searching  an ever-expanding list of certified apps in the Sabre® Red App Centre that meet a wide range of  business needs, such as apps that track agent productivity, build trip plans of activities for clients, convert currency, and create reports of undocumented PNRs.
  • PROVIDE THE OPTIMAL WORKSPACE for each agent by quickly deploying chosen apps to the entire agency or to select agents' workspaces.
  • INCREASE AGENT PRODUCTIVITY with apps that integrate seamlessly into the workspace.
  • ADDRESS AGENCY SPECIFIC NEEDS by building your own custom Red App or by contacting a Sabre® Red App Certified Provider.

How will you stand out?

CREATE A CUSTOM WORKFLOW TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS through the power of apps – something only Sabre ConnectedSM agents can do. Outperform competition by enabling your agents to be more productive and perform a wider range of services.

How it works for you

SEARCH FOR A WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS that best meets your agency's specific needs in our Red App Centre. The travel industry's first B2B app marketplace has a broad range of apps to help you.

EASILY REQUEST AND DISTRIBUTE THE APP through administrative controls. Apps can be quickly deployed to the entire agency or distributed only to specific agents.

FIND AN APP just for your agency. Build your own custom app that meets your agency-specific needs. Or contact a Certified Provider to create it for you.


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