Sabre Airline Merchandising

Sabre Airline Merchandising

Your Ticket to Increased Personalized Air Travel

Airlines today are looking for new ways to gain an edge in booking airfares and increasing revenue. Many are finding the answer in merchandising their products and ancillary services – either by unbundling or bundling fares. In order to provide a higher level of customer service and build customer loyalty, you need a solution that provides greater efficiency and transparency when booking air travel.

Up Your Revenue Capacity

You need a quick and easy way to access up-to-date information for ancillaries and branded fares. Not only does Sabre Airline Merchandising give you efficient and transparent shopping and booking, it is extremely easy to use when it comes to accessing ancillary services, targeted promotions and discounts. Even better, new carriers merchandising content featuring exclusive pricing and special offers continues to be added.

Currently, a number of airlines provide merchandising content through Sabre Airline Merchandising, with many new carriers to be added in the future.

All the Advantages without any Excess Baggage

Empowering you to be the expert by providing travelers with the breadth of options they desire with up-to-date information on a growing range of airline ancillaries and branded fares available in the Sabre system.

Higher Efficiency

Full integration into your workflow and one-click comparison of all available merchandising options

Greater Transparency

To content across multiple touch points for easy shopping and booking

Customer Loyalty

Increased customer loyalty and revenue by providing more choices based on individual travel needs

Air Extras

Supports the unbundling of fares and enables carriers to market optional add-on services for a fee. In turn, it gives you the content and tools to support travelers’ request for these services. Now, booking these ancillary services is as easy as booking the airfare.

Branded Fares

Comprises of airlines’ unique product brands that bundle features together to appeal to different travelers. This creates a price/value proposition that adds traveler value and delivers more for their money as they buy up. Get quick access to branded fares, their specific attributes for efficient selling.

Take Off with Sabre Airline Merchandising

Experience a seamless end-to-end merchandising experience from shopping to fulfillment. In the Sabre Red Workspace, you can easily see the specific brand attributes and included ancillaries by simply hovering over the brand ID or brand name, delivering the right services to the traveler based on their specific needs. Additionally, with one click, you can see a comparison of attributes of all brands for a given carrier, making it even easier to upsell travelers to the fare family that makes the most sense for them.

Overall, Sabre Airline Merchandising enables you to access the latest content to provide a higher degree of personalization and greater customer value that lead to higher revenues.

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