Prism Avion

Prism Avion

Airline contracts today are becoming increasingly complex. From new products and new pricing models, to joint venture agreements and new data sources, sorting through the complexity and creating winning agreements has never been more difficult. Are you achieving all that you can from your airline relationships?

You can save time in the airline contracting process and maximize your savings with Prism Avion, the industry’s leading airline contract management solution. Through patented analytics and data matching processes, and the industry’s most robust and trusted airline dataset, you can gain the insight you need to improve your air program.

What's in it for you?

  • SAVE TIME IN THE NEGOTIATION PROCESS by aligning more quickly on past performance with your airline partners
  • IMPROVE CONTRACT AND POLICY DECISIONS with a comprehensive view of past and present carrier spend
  • IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES to pursue new partners in new markets
  • UNCOVER new savings opportunities for non-contracted activity

How will you stand out?

BE BETTER INFORMED with the industry's most trusted source of global airline data

SAVE TIME DURING THE RFP PROCESS using the same dataset as over 40 leading global airlines

IDENTIFY ADDITIONAL COST SAVINGS with ticket-level detail from all of your TMCs and points of sale

How it works for you

Prism Avion is the industry’s leading solution for airline contract management. Through patented technology it delivers better data and more advanced analtyics, giving you the insight you need to maximize your air program savings.

It starts with having the right data. Prism Avion aggregates and normalizes data from over 300 different formats and from thousands of sources to bring you the most accurate view of your air program. Through patented data matching and consolidation capabilities it delivers the industry's most robust and trusted airline dataset. How valuable is this business intelligence? Valuable enough that over 45 leading airlines and two of the three major alliances rely on it every day to support their corporate sales departments. With Avion you can go into your negotiations knowing that you have the same view of activity and performance as your airline partners.

These insights are delivered through a simple and intuitive interface that provides over 200 different standardized reports covering aggregated views by carrier and contract all the way down to ticket-level detail, on demand and available 24/7. Everything from contract performance, carrier concentration, savings and discounts, to contracted versus non-contracted activity is available. In addition, you can also easily model proposed contract terms during the negotiation process, giving you the ability to better understand the implications of new contract terms.

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