Today’s travelers move faster and have a lot more information to keep track of - flight times, hotel addresses, client meetings, transportation from the airport…the list goes on. TripCase gives travelers a single place to easily manage all the details of a trip. As changes occur to flight schedules, travelers can be notified directly on their smartphone or wearable device.

Travelers can access TripCase at no cost through the website or mobile app. With TripCase, a traveler is provided with up-to-date itinerary details, valuable tools and exclusive travel information - before and during each trip.

What's in it for you?

  • BUILD YOUR BRAND IMAGE with configurable document delivery and in-app messaging.
  • KEEP TRAVELERS INFORMED by providing information when they need it. Changes from Sabre® Red™ Workspace are automatically pushed into TripCase.
  • HELP TRAVELERS BE PREPARED by providing easy access to itineraries, eInvoices, eTicket receipts, flight notifications, road maps, weather forecasts and the ability to share trips.
  • SAVE TIME AND REDUCE CUSTOMER CALL VOLUME by empowering customers with self-service capabilities, such as click-to-call and alternative flight options.

How will you stand out?

RELIEVE YOUR TRAVELERS' STRESS with the free flight alerts they will receive from TripCase.

MAKE IT EASY FOR YOUR TRAVELERS to access your agency when they are in a bind with just a touch a button.

DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMERS when they see their favorite technology leaders like Uber, Instagram, Foursquare and Samsung integrate with TripCase.

SAVE YOUR TRAVELERS TIME with the ability to automatically keep family, friends and coworkers updated with their trip details.

How it works for you

As soon a trip is booked, the flight, car and hotel reservation details are automatically added to a traveler’s TripCase account. The traveler does not have to do anything, other than log in to her TripCase account, to see her latest trip information. Any additional plans can easily be added by forwarding confirmation emails to or by manually adding the information directly in her account.

In addition to the trip being automatically added to the traveler’s TripCase account, an agency may also send a confirmation email with the important travel documents via email. The email may be configured in 24 languages and can include an agency’s or corporation’s logo at the very top. This service is free for all agencies that encourage their travelers to use TripCase.

Premium TripCase services that meet the unique needs of agencies and corporations are available through TripCase Agency and TripCase Corporate.

When you book a trip for a traveler who doesn’t have a TripCase account, they will receive a confirmation email similar to this example. This email prompts travelers to find their travel details by creating a TripCase account, where they can easily access all information in one place. Agency, corporations, and suppliers are able to customize these emails with their logos, increasing their brand awareness. The itinerary confirmation email will include links to key travel documents such as the eTicket, eInvoice and itinerary.

Once your travelers create their own TripCase account they will be able to access key travel documents and information at the tip of their fingers. Through TripCase, they can access eTickets, eInvoices and itineraries. Agencies can also send personalized messages to travelers through the Tripfeed. Having this information allows travelers to be more independent and smarter while en route.

TripCase Web and Mobile is now available in 9 languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean


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