Sabre Virtual Payments - Traveler

Sabre Virtual Payments - Traveler

How do you pay for your business travel expenses? Do you have a corporate card, or do you make bookings on your personal card hoping for a smooth reimbursements process when you return? And speaking of your return, how much time do you spending reconciling your expenses after each trip?

A virtual credit card is a unique card number issued electronically for a specific travel event. It functions in the same manner as a traditional, physical credit card but is issued through your corporation at time of booking. It provides stronger protection against fraud and the stress of expense management.

What's in it for you?

  • PROTECT PERSONAL FINANCES by eliminating the need to use personal credit cards.
  • CONVENIENTLY ACCESS YOUR PAYMENTS via a mobile device while in-trip and access your record of past payments as needed.
  • PREVENT FRAUD by receiving a unique PCI-compliant card number that can only be used by the merchant it was issued to.
  • REDUCE THE STRESS of expense management as payments are automatically matched with your pre-approved bookings.
  • STREAMLINE THE PAYMENT PROCESS since every employee can now travel on a corporate card.

How it works for you

Reservations are booked with an agency or through an online booking tool. During the booking process a virtual card is issued and sent to your hotel, airline or train provider on your behalf. As the traveler you will have access to your virtual card from your smartphone. In addition, you will have access to the last four digits of your virtual card number via email.

With Sabre Virtual Payments, corporations can inform hotels of which hotel charges fall within corporate travel policy. So the hotel will know which charges will be covered by your company and which charges will need to be covered through other means.

All payments made with a virtual card will be automatically matched to the booking, eliminating some of the manual work required during the expense reporting process.

What you need to know

Your hotel will receive payment information with clear instructions on what hotel charges will be company approved. So during your stay you will not need to provide another form of payment unless you incurred hotel charges that are outside of your company’s travel policy.

As a traveler, you will have convenient access to your virtual card information while you are in-trip. Just download the TripPay app on your mobile device before you go.


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