It takes more than just the latest technology to compete in today’s demanding and dynamic travel industry. With the rapid shifts in expectations and standards, developers need the most comprehensive, flexible and diverse services in the marketplace.

At Sabre, that’s what we do best. We empower our partners with a powerful system, unmatched industry experience and an open platform that enables innovation and customization. Plus, our vast portfolio of services allows developers to create value across the entire travel process – from inspiration and search to providing personalized services.

Together, with our network of over 425,000 travel agents in more than 140 countries, we help you take travel further.

Learn how we can help you add value:

Dev Studio
Sharpen your edge with Sabre Dev Studio, our portfolio of services and tools that enables developers to build apps, both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). With access to over 100 APIs (Sabre Web Services), software development kits, and notification and informational services, you can deliver efficient, personalized and rich applications.

Sabre Red App Centre
As the world’s first B2B app marketplace for the travel industry, we have the experience and expertise to meet every business need. Agents can shop and request Red Apps to extend the capabilities of their Sabre Red Workspace and travel agencies can customize Sabre Red Workspace to fit the specific needs of their agency. Red Apps interact with the Red Workspace, providing a deeper level of integration and customization.

Want to build applications for travel agencies?
Become a Sabre Red App Certified Provider or Sabre Authorized Developer.

Sabre Red App Certified Provider
Reach more than 425,000 travel agents in over 140 countries when your apps are made available in the Sabre Red App Centre. Plus, with the Red App Developer Toolkit, you can enable an existing application as a Red App or create a new one and make it available on the Red App Centre.

Sabre Authorized Developer
Receive dedicated support, access to our Sabre Dev Studio portfolio and the opportunity to promote your products to our agency customers, all as a partner in our Authorized Developer program. With over 150 third-party developer relationships around the world, we are committed to having the most effective and comprehensive third-party developer program in the industry.

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