TripCase Corporate

TripCase Corporate

Streamline company travel, stay connected to your employees and gain insight into the details of fragmented corporate travel with a single itinerary management solution.

With TripCase® Corporate, corporations and agencies will also leverage the award winning travel app and itinerary management tool, TripCase® Web and Mobile. Used today by millions of travelers globally

By providing TripCase for your travelers, you give them the freedom to manage their own itinerary, the power to stay connected with their latest trip details, and the control to create new bookings within corporate policy. Then through on-demand graphical reports and self-service configuration tools, you will use the admin portal, TripCase Connect, to effectively manage and improve your corporate travel program.

Corporate Enrollment

Simplify the traveler sign-up process

When your travelers are first introduced to TripCase, they will receive a professionally-designed email co-branded with your logo. This will take them to a cobranded sign up page. Your traveler’s first exposure to TripCase will build brand trust and simplify the traveler’s sign up process.

Booking Tool Integration

Enable travelers to make reservations from their smartphone

Is your traveler missing an air or hotel segment? Since your corporation uses GetThere™, your travelers will be able to make an air or hotel reservation directly from their smartphone. From the Tripfeed, an in-app message will appear reminding the traveler of the missing trip item. From there the traveler is taken to GetThere Mobile where a new in-policy booking can be made and it will automatically be reflected in the TripCase itinerary. With TripCase and GetThere working together, travelers are able to modify their trip without having to leave the TripCase app.

Corporate Messaging

Send travelers relevant messages related to security and corporate policy

During a trip, travelers receive relevant information and helpful tips through messages in the Tripfeed. The Tripfeed is a stream of messages within the app or website. On a mobile device, they appear just below the details of each trip item.

As a corporation, you will leverage Tripfeed messaging to keep your travelers up to speed on policy information, security notices and safety tips. Sent messages will be branded with your company logo so a traveler can quickly identify them.

Ad-Free Itineraries

Deliver ad-free company-branded documents to travelers

Upon completing a reservation, the traveler receives an Ad-free confirmation email with your company logo. It also provides a quick link to company-branded tickets and invoices and itinerary details can be viewed directly in the body of the email.

The same itinerary details will automatically be pushed to TripCase. That means as soon as your traveler logs into to his account, his trip details will already be waiting for him. He can choose to add additional trip items such as dinner reservations, client meetings, destination activities, etc. All travel documents are available directly from the TripCase app or website.

Business Trip Designation

Gain insight into employee business travel, regardless of booking source

Travelers will have the ability to indicate if a trip or trip item is for business purposes. Not only does this enable the traveler to organize vacation and business trips, but with the traveler’s permission, TripCase will capture all business travel data for company travel reports.

Corporations will have access to bookings made outside of their managed travel program with an easy-to-read self-service dashboard in TripCase Connect. This will result in a more complete view of their employees’ travel activities.

Self-Service Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of traveler activity with reporting dashboards

Uncover bookings made outside of your corporate booking tool, including name of supplier, the total spend, and booking source. This information will be available in an easy-to-read reporting dashboard within TripCase Connect when travelers opt-in to share business trip information.

With the graphical self-service reporting you can understand how your travelers are using TripCase and the effectiveness of your custom messages.

Development Tools

Automatically import trip details from various sources

Corporations will be given access to a set of development tools that will allow them to send multi-GDS and non-GDS trip information into TripCase. In other words, meetings, ground transportation and restaurant reservations can automatically be imported into TripCase through a set of APIs. These same tools will soon allow corporations to extract information from the TripCase itinerary for custom reporting capabilities.

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