Did You Know

Did You Know?

Driving travel program objectives and creating the optimal traveler experience. You may think these goals are at odds with one another. But Sabre Travel Network® believes keeping both at the forefront and taking a balanced approach are what separate leading travel programs from the rest of the pack.

Is your technology provider giving you what you need to succeed in meeting both of these goals? We have solutions for both you and your TMC to maintain this balance and achieve success across your program.

Check out our five-part “Did you know” series to learn more about how your program can benefit from our unique expertise and innovative technology. Visit us every week for updates and be sure to read our blog posts on the topic as well.

Tools for your TMC

Technology. You rely on it to power your travel program. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes that could impact your program? From low fare search, to mobile, to tools that help you make the most of negotiated airline and hotel agreements, Sabre invests hundreds of millions in online, offline and mobile capabilities.

Why do we do it? To ensure that you and your TMC have the best solutions available to manage your program.

To learn more about some of the new and innovative capabilities we are delivering to your TMC, check out our new video.


Expertise at your back

Just like you, we’re constantly building our expertise in corporate travel management so we can improve our solutions. It’s a complex business, and one that never sits still. Having an experienced team at your back has never been more important.

Watch our video and learn more about the unique insights we deliver to your program.


Low fare search = Savings

What if we told you that, unknowingly, you may not be offering the lowest available fares as part of your program? Could it really be happening to you? Hopefully not, but the results of a new air shopping study will shed some light on how you can ensure you are offering your travelers the best fares and the most attractive flight options available.

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Value of an efficient marketplace

Finding and comparing options to book the perfect flight or hotel is easy, right?

Of course not. But for your travel program it is critical. Travel can be incredibly complex, with variables like airline, cabin, schedule, fare, connections, fare rules, ancillaries and other options. When you put them all together, there are literally two trillion potential ways to get from point A to point B.

You can save your travelers time and take cost out of your program by partnering with Sabre or a Sabre Connected TMC.

Learn more about how your program can benefit from connecting to the Sabre travel marketplace.


Technology for your program

It’s challenging to keep up with the latest technology trends and capabilities. “Overwhelming” is another word that comes to mind, too, when you consider the solutions you and your TMC could be using to manage your program and to service your travelers.

Let us help. We are excited about the portfolio of complementary solutions we have that help you reach success across your program. You’ll not only achieve program objectives, but also deliver a positive traveler experience.

Check out our new video that highlights how your program can benefit from our investment in new technologies.


GBTA 2014

Learn more about Sabre Travel Network and our offerings for corporate travel buyers at GBTA 2014. From July 26-30, we’ll join thousands of travel pros to showcase our corporate solutions. Contact your account representative for more details.

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