Onebox provides Data and Telecommunications solutions to all Sabre ConnectedSM travel agents. Whatever your communications needs are, Onebox has the answer for you.

In today’s world, you need reliable email service in order to communicate effectively with your customers. Onebox will provide you with just that service, while protecting your email with our Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection. Onebox will even allow you to use your own personal domain. Don’t have your own domain? Onebox will create one for you.

In addition to the Onebox email service, you'll also find the following services:

Onebox Fax includes all Onebox email features, plus:
Throw away your fax machine and realize cost savings! With Onebox Fax, you’ll receive faxes right in your email, and send faxes over the Internet. Onebox can also set you up with your own toll-free number.

Onebox Enhanced Messaging includes all Onebox Fax features, plus:
Receive all of your messages in one place! With Enhanced Messaging, you will also receive voicemail to your toll-free number. These messages are also delivered to you in your email. Email, Fax and Voicemail all in Onebox!

Onebox Executive includes all Onebox Enhanced Messaging features, plus:
Onebox Executive will meet your every communication need. Use the Find Me Follow Me One-Number service to receive live calls to your toll-free number wherever you are, make outbound calls as if you were using a calling card, and even set up conference call bridges with up to 24 people!

To set up your Onebox account, or for more information, please contact:


Tel: 866 888 6096

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