Comtrol Corporation

Comtrol is the product leader in serial port expansion for retail and industrial automation. Comtrol multiport serial port controllers are designed for use by small/medium enterprises (SMEs), government organizations, and computer system builders.


RocketPort™ multiport serial controller cards

This product is a controller card that is inserted into your computer and will allow you to connect multiple printers to one PC (personal computer). It will add 4, 8, or 16 additional serial ports to the computer. The RocketPort Infinity Quad (PN 30005-2) for a PCI/PCI-X computer slot and the RocketPort Express Quad (PN 30126-4) for the PCI Express (PCIe) computer slot add four DB9 Male ports on the end of 40 inch cables for direct connection to your serial printers. Please note: The following two products are not officially certified for use with the Sabre® GDS system but may benefit your business.

DeviceMaster RTS and DevcieMaster Serial hub network attached multiport hubs

These products are external units separate from your computer and plugs into an Ethernet hub or to the Ethernet port of your computer. It allows you to connect serial port printers to a PC network for more flexibility of use and placement.

RocketModem™ IV multimodem PCI cards

This modem card is inserted into the computer and provides 4 or 8 modems without taking up counter space. If the computer is networked, it will allow a large number of employees in your company to share modem capability for activities such as accessing the Internet and faxing from their desktops. It can also allow you to give access to your system to employees that are away from the office. Finally, this product can allow you to send faxes to long phone lists more quickly.


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For Sabre ConnectedSM agents: To order products, please access the Comtrol on-line store at or call or email Chuck Griggs at the number above.

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