Before installing Sabre Red Workspace for Mac, please contact the help desk to ensure your user credentials have been configured to allow Mac access.

Please refer to the table below to ensure Sabre Red Workspace for Mac will meet your needs before installing.

SRW for WindowsSRW for Mac
Classic Viewyesyes
Agency Applicationsyesyes
Agency eServicesyesyes
Hotel Maps & Photosyesyes
PNR Servicesyesyes
Point and Clickyesyes
Value Alertsyesyes
Graphical Viewyesno
Sabre Red Appsyesno
Deals & Travel Extrasyesno
Documents & Messagingyesno
Format Finderyesno
Graphical Seat Mapsyesno
Graphical Ticketingyesno
Rail Servicesyesno
Sabre Cruisesyesno
Sabre Profilesyesno
Sabre Vacationsyesno
Travel Protectionyesno
Unused eTicketsyesno