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It's time rail bookings got smarter

  • "In the UK around 70% of rail is currently booked at the station. Offering pre-booking could be a huge growth opportunity for online channels”

    - Ian Cairns, UK Sales Director, Trainline

  • “Currently, rail only accounts for a modest proportion of European cross-border travel. With air travel declining in some markets, we believe railways have a huge opportunity to grow their market share.”

    - Christoph Klenner, the Secretary General of the European Technology & Travel Services Association (ETTSA)

  • “Many travelers prefer Rail to other modes of transport.”

    - Shehan Abeygunasekara, Travel Operations, Kanoo.

Going beyond: the transformation of rail travel

Rail is on a roll. After years of lagging behind air travel, today it’s a more viable, affordable and desirable means of business travel. Smarter booking through digital distribution channels, major global investments in rail infrastructure, plus fiercer competition (in particular, cross-border travel and high-speed routes) is driving demand for rail.

So, it’s imperative that travel agencies and travel management companies (TMCs) replace air revenues as travelers switch from planes to trains. Rail creates the ideal opportunity to do this. Travelers like its cost, comfort and convenience. And agencies and TMCs already have the tools, systems and processes to offer rail as an integral part of door-to-door journeys.

Making the most of rail as an added-value service will also help travel agents differentiate their offering in the fragmented travel market. As a result, they can improve customer satisfaction and also capture a greater share of the revenue travelers are currently spending in direct bookings with rail operators.

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