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About Sabre Leisure

The Sabre® leisure portfolio supplies a seemingly infinite array of choices. Using our efficient end-to-end solutions, you’ll reach the right customers with targeted offers for unforgettable travel experiences. From shopping and booking to marketing and accounting, you’ll find everything you need to compete in today’s crowded travel marketplace.

Our portfolio includes a product to fit your every need including:

Sabre® Cruises
Easy-to-use browser-based cruise shopping and booking tool to help manage your cruise business and save you time

The retail travel industry’s only true client relationship management application

Sabre® Travel Protection
Give your clients the gift of worry-free travel by adding insurance to every trip – and make more money in the process

ClientBase Marketing
Reach out to customers with targeted offers you know they’ll love

Sabre® Rewards Plus
Agent appreciation program where travel professionals are rewarded for connecting clients with the world's greatest travel opportunities

Sabre® Vacations
A graphical, web-based vacation package booking engine that offers access to VAX VacationAccess deals and more

Sabre® Vacations - Canada
Access all the major Canadian tour operators thought an easy-to-use, web-based tool.

Vacation Studio
Get access to all of Sabre’s leisure products in one place through our booking portal

TRAMS Back Office
The retail travel industry’s leading back-office automation system for management, marketing, and accounting information