Group bookings made smarter with Group Wizard

Group Wizard now available in the Sabre Red App Centre

Group travel can be a highly profitable market within the travel industry, therefore a growing number of travel consultants are tapping into this opportunity.  It requires the expertise of a travel consultant in order to complete the booking process, which can be complex. [...]

Third quarter desktop calendars are now available


It’s time to experience another part of the world— especially if work is tough right now.

You don’t have to spend a dime or take any time off. Your peers have already done that. They brought back beautiful images and submitted them during our recent Calling All Photos campaign. And now you can experience a little slice of paradise.

So download the newest free quarterly calendars and enjoy the beautiful images. Don’t forget to come back next quarter!

Pick your destination now.

Increase your level of service as clients increase their travel by train

Sabre Virtual Payments now available for Amtrak Bookings

Did you know Amtrak trains carried 11.7 million travelers between Washington, New York and Boston in 2015? It was Amtrak’s best year ever.* [...]

TTX registration closes June 16


Ride the wave of industry pros coming to TTX — there’s still time! [...]

Zuckerberg and Cupcakes Await You


TTX always promises breakthrough thinking. This year is no different.

Here are two big names you can look forward to seeing in Miami Beach this year. [...]

Explore More: Smarter travel bookings with cars

Explore More - making car booking smarter

Travelers’ attitudes to booking trips have changed. A multitude of travel options, from hotel to rental cars and the newer cab booking apps, means choice is driving the market for business and leisure travelers alike.


TTX Early Bird Pricing ends May 8


The heat is on — hurry for early bird pricing!

The discount expires on May 8, so complete your registration before the buzzer to take advantage of the best rates.

(May 8 is also Mother’s Day or almost Mother’s Day depending on your country, so use the savings to get your mom a great gift. You’re welcome.) [...]