Provide additional value with entertainment booking

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From flight to ancillaries to ground transportation, your customers depend on you to take care of their needs. Their satisfaction is yours. Now there’s a way to be even more of an asset: enhance your traveler’s trip with the ability to book entertainment options. [...]

You, better than anyone, know how Sabre can better support your business

When you send us your feedback, we take it seriously.

When you send us your feedback, we take it seriously.

Sabre is committed to delivering the industry’s best products and services to our customers. In order to do so, it’s important that we listen closely to what you have to say.  So we’re inviting you to submit ideas in your own words directly to Sabre through iSuggest. [...]

Take an inside look at Branded Fares for airberlin group airlines

Air Berlin Branded Fares

More Content. More Choice. Better Comparisons.

Shop, price and book airline branded fares in the same way you’re used to every day. Now available with airberlin group airlines. [...]

See It All: Complete Air Merchandising Content In Sabre System

Air Merchandising Content Page

Travel professionals have too many real issues to deal with on day-to-day basis to worry about knowing what content is available to book through a travel marketplace.

Sabre is dedicated to transparency about what’s in our system. It helps Sabre-connected agencies know what’s available at all times. It also helps others know what’s in our system when they’re shopping for a new technology provider. [...]

New desktop calendars available for the new year

Download your new desktop calendar today!

Download your new desktop calendar today!

From almost 400 awesome travel photo submissions we received during this year’s Calling All Photos campaign, our finalists have been chosen!  [...]

Sabre voted best GDS at Travel Weekly 13th annual Readers Choice Awards


We’re proud to announce that Travel Weekly readers voted Sabre best GDS in their 13th annual Readers Choice Awards, honoring industry suppliers who led the way in products and services during the year.  [...]

Recognizing Change and Penalty Fees Just Got Easier!

Specify Max Penalty

Shopping for airfare can be complicated, especially when it is not clear whether a fare is refundable, changeable, or with or without a penalty for any changes. Bargain Finder Max offers additional personalization and fare flexibility by specifying this information in the shopping response. [...]