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Winners announced for Royal Caribbean International contest

RCCL contest

As the world watched and headed to the football games in Brazil this summer, these two amazing agents had more than their share of their clients onboard RCCL watching the games from the Sea! [...]

You, better than anyone, know how Sabre can better support your business

When you send us your feedback, we take it seriously.

When you send us your feedback, we take it seriously.

Sabre is committed to delivering the industry’s best products and services to our customers. In order to do so, it’s important that we listen closely to what you have to say.  So as of today, we’re opening a new channel through which you can [...]

Speed up the air booking process with Combined Availability Display Red App

Taylor your workspace by adding Sabre Red Apps

Taylor your workspace by adding Sabre Red Apps

Book outbound and inbound flights faster with the Combined Availability Display Red App

Booking simple round trips and open jaws take a significant proportion of your day-to-day workload.  The Combined Availability Display Red App allows you to [...]

Simplify the complexity of air shopping with Sabre

Don't miss out this opportunity!

Don't miss out this opportunity!

With your expertise and our air shopping tools, you will stay on top of the game.

Finding the best available flight options for your customers can be complex whether you want to meet the needs of your corporate or leisure traveler. Sabre has proven the ability to deliver the lowest fares and the largest selection of attractive flight options means greater sales conversion and increased customer loyalty for you.

Join us November 12 or 13 to learn about the latest Air Shopping capabilities and technology at work to help you quickly provide the best available flight options. Simplify the search by knowing how best to optimize the search space.

During the session, we will discuss: [...]

Over 50,000 NEW HRS properties are now in Sabre


We have great news for travel professionals all over the world: Sabre agents can now shop and book over 50,000 NEW hotel properties from Hotel Reservation Service (HRS) directly in the Sabre marketplace.

HRS is one of Europe’s leading providers of hotels, including thousands of independent properties across the world.

Travel professionals spend so much time scouring multiple sites to find more [...]

Integrate Carey and Embarque ground transportation directly into your workspace with the CESDirect Red App

CESDirect Red App

CESDirect puts safe, reliable and high-quality transportation at your fingertips

The free CESDirect Red App gives you full access to both Carey and Embarque chauffeured transportation services. By offering you greater functionality and the ability to directly connect to the Sabre Red Workspace, the CESDirect Red App makes booking chauffeured transportation easier than [...]

Away from your computer? No Problem!

Enjoy the freedom to work wherever, whenever with Sabre Red Mobile Workspace

Sabre Red Mobile Workspace provides you QUICK ACCESS to the most commonly used agent functions including [...]


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